Sunday School Classes
We have a variety of adult Sunday School classes where you can grow your faith and your relationship with God. Most of our classes are now meeting in person. Interested in a class? Just contact the person listed for each class. 
 Do you have further questions about a class? Contact Rev. Wes Savage at


Ages 30+
Room 124/125
Contact Russell Biciste at
Ages 30-40
Room 151
Contact  Jason Simmons


Ages 45+
Room 134
Contact Sherry Sellers at


Ages 45+
Room 111
Contact Jay Reeves at


Ages 50+
Room 127
Contact Paula Crosby at


Ages 50+
Room 120
Contact Cheryl Bell at

Wesley Fellowship

Ages 55+
Room M1 - Rehearsal Hall
Contact Norman Patty at

Virginia Tucker

Ages 65+
Room 151
Contact Linda Wolfe at 


Singles - Ages 40+
Room 113
Contact Donna Long at

Sisters In Christ

Women of all ages.
Room 126
Contact Nancy Graben at

Young Adult class

Young adults ages 21-30's. 
Room 200
Contact Henry Long at

We have Sunday School classes for our children and youth during this hour as